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Editors Defend Their Election Endorsements

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If you’re a registered voter in Oregon, you’ve now got your Voter’s Pamphlet and ballot. Maybe you’re in the minority of voters and have already sent in your ballot. But if you’re like an increasing number of voters, you’re still gathering information and haven’t yet decided yay or nay on the myriad of ballot measures and candidates.

Maybe you look to newspaper editorial endorsements to help you decide. But which ones? “The Oregonian,” “Willamette Week” and the Pamplin Media Group are among those which put out recommendations on how to vote. And, needless to say, they don’t necessarily agree.

We’ll talk to representatives of those papers about their endorsements and how they came to their decisions.


  • Mark Garber: President and publisher of Pamplin Media Group’s newspaper division
  • Erik Lukens: Editorial and commentary editor at “The Oregonian”
  • Mark Zusman: Editor of “Willamette Week”
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