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Edna Vazquez

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class=”MsoNormal”>Edna Vazquez grew up in a traditional town in Mexico. However, her life took a non-traditional turn after she came out to her parents at 16. Their reaction was to send her away to the United States to live with relatives. Although at the time, this wasn’t her choice, she says that’s where she learned to play guitar and compose music. 

In fact, at the urging of her friends, she sold her personal television to get a bus ticket to LA to compete in the Spanish language talent show Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento. Vazquez did not win the competition, but the exposure was a win unto itself. 

She now plays her music all around the northwest, while experimenting with various Mexican genres like mariachi and boleros.

Vazquez will be featured on Oregon Art Beat this Thursday night. Here’s a preview of sorts from OPB’s  Arts & Life.

Are you a fan of Mexican music? What would you like to ask Edna Vazquez? 



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