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Election Night Special

What races or measures, bonds or levies, have you biting your fingernails?

It’s taken nearly two years and more than five billion dollars — not to mention endless SNL skits, blog posts, YouTube videos, attack ads, campaign promises, kissed babies, and plenty of Joes (the Plumber, the Senator, the Sixpack Drinker, the Average) — but Election Day is finally here!

Join us tonight for a live Think Out Loud election night special from 9-11pm. We’ll talk to OPB political analyst Bill Lunch and bring in your reactions to the news of the day.

You can post them as the results come in, or right now.

What are you celebrating tonight, or lamenting? What races or measures, bonds or levies, had you biting your fingernails? The Oregonian‘s Jeff Mapes has a list of the ten things he’s watching for today. What about you?

And are you ready to say now, two years later, what the defining moments of the 2008 elections were?

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