A scene from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's 2018 production of "Romeo and Juliet" in its outdoor Elizabethan Theatre.

A scene from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2018 production of “Romeo and Juliet” in its outdoor Elizabethan Theatre.

Kim Budd/courtesy of OSF

  • Oregon’s primary election results are in, and a few key races are still too close to call. OPB’s vice president of news, Anna Griffin, joins us for a recap. 
  • The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland has been devastated by the pandemic, on top of major setbacks in recent years due to wildfires. We hear from OSF artistic director Nataki Garrett about the festival’s plans, and from the Ashland Chamber of Commerce about the economic hit from the loss of tourism and how the festival — and the region — can move forward.
  • Earlier this year, the Oregon Historical Quarterly published a special edition called “White Supremacy & Resistance.” The issue evolved as a reaction to the racial violence that resulted in two murders on a Portland MAX light rail line in 2017. Articles explore white supremacy in the formation of Oregon and its state constitution, as well as the history of violence to dominate and control nonwhite populations, from Indigenous peoples and African Americans to East Indian, Chinese and Japanese immigrants. We talk with one of the guest editors of the issue, emeritus professor of Black Studies at Portland State University Darrell Millner and with independent historian Johanna Ogden.

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