Several power lines are still down in Douglas County as of March 4, 2019.

Several power lines are still down in Douglas County as of March 4, 2019.

Matt Yates/Douglas Electric Cooperative

  • The town of Elkton, Oregon, was out of power for three days because of a snowstorm last week. But now it appears the town will be out of power for the next three weeks as Douglas County Electric Cooperative rebuilds infrastructure. Debra Koehler lives in Elkton and tells us what it’s like.
  • Most of Wikipedia’s contributors are men, according to a Wikimedia Foundation report. Art+Feminism is a worldwide effort to change that through a series of events known as “edit-a-thons.” This Saturday, Pacific Northwest College of Art will host an edit-a-thon to include more women and non-cisgender individuals on the site.
  • The Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017, which went into effect this year, has been hailed as a huge step forward toward pay equity. But the details of how it will play out in the lives of employees is anything but clear. We talk with Laurie Grenya with HR Answers, the largest human resources consulting firm in the Northwest, about how employers are complying with the new law. Existing Oregon law already prohibited gender-based pay discrimination, but the new law specifies that transgender Oregonians are covered and expands protected classes to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability and age.
  • Nearly half of the K-12 students in Umatilla stay after school is over to take more classes. The free after-school program is largely taught by local high school students who get paid for their work. Elizabeth Loera is a senior at Umatilla High School, and teaches a class on energy.

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