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Six different coal terminals are being proposed in the Pacific Northwest, from north of Bellingham to Grays Harbor to Coos Bay. The companies proposing the terminals hope to capitalize on the ever-increasing energy demands of China and India. Establishing terminals on the West Coast would potentially help expedite the process of getting coal that’s mined in Montana and Wyoming into Asian markets.

The terminals could mean a million dollar increase in revenue for a city like Hoquiam, WA, which is equivalent to one-third of that struggling city’s operating budget. But the terminals also come with environmental and public health costs.

EarthFix reporter Ashley Ahearn has been traveling around the Northwest visiting towns that could be future coal terminal sites. She’s gathered the responses from community members, businesses and researchers.

Do you live in a place that would be affected by a coal terminal? What questions do you have about coal in the Northwest?


  • Ashley Ahearn: EarthFix reporter based in Seattle
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