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Environmental Update on Chemicals and Colony Collapse Disorder

Thangaraj Kumaravel / Flickr

Thangaraj Kumaravel / Flickr

We’ll check in with EarthFix reporter Cassandra Profita to get some of the latest environmental news, including:

  • Three proposed projects that would aid in the transportation of crude oil and coal across Oregon. The controversial projects, which are funded by public money, have opponents crying foul at what they perceive as taxpayer subsidies for coal and oil industries.
  • newly released report (pdf) that confirms polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have been found in commonly used items. The chemical, which was banned in 1979 for its link to cancer-causing agents, have high enough contamination levels in Washington to require cleanup plans in several bodies of water throughout the state.
  • New talks about the causes of colony collapse disorder. As commercial beekeepers continue to lose a large percentage of their colonies, Oregon State University’s honey bee lab is studying how many factors are contributing to their decline.

What environmental stories are on your radar?

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