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Erica Jong Takes On Sex And Death In 'Fear Of Dying'

Author Erica Jong

Author Erica Jong

Mary Ann Halpin

Erica Jong will forever be known for her seminal novel “Fear of Flying,” published in 1973 during what many consider the height of the sexual revolution. The book itself is perhaps most associated with the veracity of the sexual fantasies of its protagonist, Isadora Wing, and the “zipless f***,” the “ideal” casual encounter (which she never finds).

She’s written 24 other books, including poetry and non-fiction. Her latest book, “Fear of Dying,” is a kind of follow up to Fear of Flying, but with Isadora Wing playing a minor role. The main character in this novel is Vanessa Wonderman, a 60-year-old upper class New Yorker with an aging dog, an aging husband and parents who are actively dying.


Editor’s note: You can see Erica Jong at Powell’s books Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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