• Oregonian reporter Hillary Borrud joins us to discuss her article about the announcement that former first lady Cylvia Hayes violated ethics laws 22 times during her fiancé John Kitzhaber’s time as Oregon governor. Oregon ethics officials say Hayes used her public position for personal financial gain.

  • A revamped movie subscription service charges users $10 a month for one movie a day at most movie theaters. MoviePass says they are changing the way people watch movies. Analysts wonder if the business model is sustainable. Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass, Steve Herring, CEO of Living Room Theaters and Paul Bond, business reporter at The Hollywood Reporter, join us.

  • The Trump administration announced Monday that it would end a program that allowed Salvadorans in the United States to live and work legally in the country. Temporary protected status shielded immigrants from El Salvador from deportation if they arrived in the U.S. illegally. Estela Iraheta Gonzalez has lived in Oregon for nearly 20 years and may now lose her legal status. She joins us.

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