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Eugene Police Chief | Redmond Homelessness | Photographing The Moon's Shadow

The Grant County Chamber of Commerce is throwing the door open for eclipse chasers.

The Grant County Chamber of Commerce is throwing the door open for eclipse chasers.

Aaron Scott/OPB

  • Eugene Chief of Police Pete Kerns announced earlier this year that he will be retiring after nine years on the job. Kerns has been a police officer in Eugene since 1981. We’ll talk to about how policing in Eugene has changed in the last 30 years, and what the city should be looking for in its next chief.
  • Hundreds of homeless people living on the agricultural land east of Redmond may be displaced as the local government prepares to close roads and clean up the land, which has been the site of illegal dumping and illegal dirt roads. We talk to Barry Hebert, social services director for St. Vincent de Paul of Redmond, and Jean, a homeless man who lives on the land.
  • Instead of looking up at the total solar eclipse, teams of high school and college students will use cameras in high altitude balloons to look down at the moon’s shadow as it crosses the earth’s surface. We talk to Catherine Lanier, Associate Director of the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium, and Silverton High School senior Isabelle Doan about the nationwide NASA project.

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