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People Of Color In The Cannabis Industry | Eugene's Racist History | Comic City, USA

A state licensing board fined the head of the University of Oregon's counseling office.

A state licensing board fined the head of the University of Oregon’s counseling office.

Alan Sylvestre/OPB

  • We talk to Jesce Horton, founder and chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, about getting more people of color involved in business opportunities in the pot industry, after experiencing disproportionate arrest and imprisonment rates from the war on drugs.
  • University of Washington professor Quintard Taylor tells us about the racist pasts of Matthew Deady and Frederick Dunn, two important characters in the University of Oregon’s history who have buildings named after them. The university is considering renaming the buildings.
  • The Oregon Historical Society’s new exhibit charts Oregon’s history with cartoons and comics from 1890 to the present. We talk with curator Lori Erickson and husband and wife creative team Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan, whose work is featured in the exhibit.
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