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Evaluating The Use And Future Of U.S. Drones

Photo: David Rodriguez Martin via Flickr

Photo: David Rodriguez Martin via Flickr

The nonpartisan think tank, The Stimson Center, recently released their recommendations from a year-long task force on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) — otherwise known as drones. Rachel Stohl from the center led the project and co-wrote the final report.

Stohl says the task force looked at how UAVs were used in the last decade as well as some popular misconceptions about the technology. For instance, military missions involving drones aren’t necessarily less expensive that those with conventional aircraft. In fact, she says, UAV missions can be more expensive because they can involve more personnel.

Fundamentally, she says, The Stimson Center report emphasizes that questions about the technology of UAVs are distinct from questions about the policy of how they are used. The report concludes with eight separate recommendations, many of them involving greater transparency and accountability with respect to the use of drones.

We’ll talk to Rachel Stohl in advance of her visit to the World Affairs Council in Portland later this month.

What questions do you have about drone technology or U.S. drone policy?

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