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Everybody Reading Sherman Alexie

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Over the past few months people around Multnomah County have been reading the work of Sherman Alexie. Now, as the Everybody Reads program concludes, we bring you our conversation with the author from last fall.

He spoke with us, and our audience at Literary Arts, about his young adult novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian as well as Blasphemy, the newly published collection of his short stories.

Alexie talked about his own Native American identity and how he often confounds other people’s expectations. He also said the ideal reader for his young adult book is a “poor, brown male” because,

It means they have a chance. It means my book gave them a sliver of light in their lives. Because books are going to save you. If you’re a poor kid in this country, the only thing that’s going to save you is books. That’s your only chance. And to have a kid fall in love with books because of mine? That’s incredible.

Have you read any of Sherman Alexie’s work (during Everybody Reads, or just on your own)? What drew you to him? What were your favorite moments?

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