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Examining The Latest Science And Policy On Concussions



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The NCAA recently settled a lawsuit filed by former athletes who alleged that the association was negligent in its handling of concussions. The settlement will devote $70 million dollars towards medical monitoring over the next 50 years, with another $5 million going to concussion research. Every NCAA school must already have a concussion program on file, but part of the settlement requires specific protocols that every school must now employ.

Oregon has been ahead of the curve when it comes to concussion legislation. In 2009, the state passed Max’s Law, which required that high school coaches undergo concussion training. In doing so, Oregon, became the second state in the country (after Washington) to sign concussion education legislation. Last year, Oregon passed Jenna’s Law, which expands on Max’s Law to include concussion training for all youth sports coaches outside of school.

Have you or someone you know suffered a sports-related head injury? Are you a coach who’s had to deal with this issue? What has your experience been?


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