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Exploring The Second Amendment And The Supreme Court

Pete Springer/OPB

In the wake of the tragic deaths of 20 young children at Sandy Hook elementary school last month, the national conversation about regulating the purchase of weapons and ammunition has moved quickly. President Obama has released a package of proposals to curb gun violence that he wants Congress to pass. Not surprisingly, it’s been met with opposition from gun rights groups.  

Whatever laws are passed, they may well end up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Although gun rights advocates say the Second Amendment gives citizens an individual right to own weapons, Justice Antonin Scalia has made comments many interpret as leaving the door open for some restrictions. We’ll ask Supreme Court watcher Lisa McElroy about the current court’s opinion on what the Second Amendment means and whether that could change in the near future. 

What questions do you have about the U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment?

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