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Facebook Comes to Prineville

Pete Springer/OPB

Facebook has confirmed that it will be building a data center in the small central Oregon city of Prineville. The facility will eventually employ about 35 people and proponents say the building’s construction will bring even more temporary work to the economically stressed region. The construction sector will see an immediate boost when Facebook begins hiring an estimated 200 people to build the 147,000 square foot structure, which the company says it hopes will reach LEED gold certification standards.

John Carr of Prineville’s Office of Economic Development says there are a lot of things that made the city attractive to Facebook: the land that was available and the climate (which is key for cooling down the equipment the data center will house). Access to affordable power and tax incentives also played a big role. Prineville is situated in a long-term enterprise zone, which means that Facebook will not have to pay property taxes for their first 15 years in central Oregon.

Oregon is home to other large data centers — Google has one in The Dalles and Amazon was building one near Boardman. Both promised to bring jobs and recognition to the surrounding communities and while Google has become a big player in The Dalles since arriving in 2005, construction of the Amazon building has ground to a halt.

Do you live near a data center or work in one? Do you live in Prineville? How will the new Facebook data center affect you?


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