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Filming Old Goats

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a href=””>Old Goats is not your typical independent film. True, it was made on a shoestring budget, like many are. But writer and director Tayor Guterson shot the film for an unbelievable $5,000. Impossible? Try using people who have never acted before, and not only not paying them, but asking them to cover their own expenses.

The movie centers on three older men, the “old goats”, and the people in their lives. But Taylor Guterson says one of the threads of Old Goats is how all of us — regardless of our age — begin to see ourselves in a certain way and how that perception can sometimes be hard to let go of. Do we want to change? And can we, even if we want to?

The film is also different from your typical feature in that it plays with the sometimes wavy line between truth and fiction. The main characters in the film don’t have character names. The scenes are essentially improvised and the characters based on the people who play them on screen, even if the circumstances and details of their lives are different. In a way, they’re playing themselves, but only in a way — this is not a documentary.

The film opens this Friday at Salem Cinema and is currently playing in Portland’s Living Room Theaters and The Bijou in Eugene. 

Have you seen Old Goats? What did you think of it? How does the film compare to the typical portrayal of older people in feature films? What would you like to ask the filmmaker about making a low-budget feature? What would you like to ask the actors?


  • Taylor Guterson: Writer/director of Old Goats
  • Benita Staadecker: Actress in Old Goats
  • Britt Crosley: Actor in Old Goats
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