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Fishing for Passion

Pete Springer/OPB

What’s the true art of angling? And should you eat what you hook?

Angler Henry Hughes tells a good tale. He’s an English professor full time, fisherman much of the rest of the time. His love of fishing comes from a childhood spent on Long Island Sound in New York and his deep fondness for fishing literature.

This summer Hughes mused on fishing and class, exploring attitudes that both unite and divide anglers of all persuasions. Who is more artistic, fly fishermen or bait drifters? Who is more moral, an angler who hooks and releases or one who appreciates the flesh of a fish as much as the fight it takes to land one?

Any discussion of how to fish and why leads to a constant Northwest question: What’s best for the fish?

Central Oregon is just one of the state’s hotspots for fishing, from the pristine Metolius to big Lake Billy Chinook with room for jet skis and houseboats behind the Round Butte Dam. We’ll hear on the show why people fish the way they do, why they love it, and what they think is best for the fish.

Do you fish? Where? How did you get started? Do you catch and release or fish for the larder - and what does that decision mean to you?

Photo credit: Tani Masako. Can you find the fish in this picture?

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