Portland Police in riot gear stand between right-wing protesters and counter-protesters.

Portland Police in riot gear stand between right-wing protesters and counter-protesters.

Ericka Cruz Guevarra/OPB

  • Portland Police have temporarily suspended use of flash-bang grenades after reports that the devices caused injuries when police used them during a Patriot Prayer rally and counter-demonstration. Amelia Templeton fills us in. Then, we talk to Charlie Mesloh, a former police officer and professor at Northern Michigan University who studies “less-than-lethal” weapons.
  • After a man was shot and killed on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in 2016, three women started the community group Enough Iz Enough. Since then, they’ve organized numerous community events, including winter drives, youth basketball games and anti-bullying seminars. We’re joined by two Enough Iz Enough co-founders, Kola Thompson and Willa Wallace.

  • As recently as 2000, more than half of U.S. teenagers had a summer job. Since then, the teen labor force participation rate has declined, and now only about a third of U.S. teenagers have summer jobs. And yet, Oregon’s youth unemployment rate is lower than ever. Nick Beleiciks, a state employment economist, joins us and we hear from teens about their summer jobs.

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