A horse is spooked during the Eagle Creek Fire.

A horse is spooked during the Eagle Creek Fire.

Amelia Templeton/OPB


  • The Oregon Department of Corrections failed to vaccinate about two-thirds of inmates against the flu, failing to follow its own guidelines. A flu outbreak at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility sickened 44 inmates and one woman died. Willamette Week reporter Katie Shepard tells us about her investigation.


  • The federal funding bill contains an extension of timber payments and an emergency fund for fighting wildfires, two priorities of Oregon legislators. OPB’s Jeff Mapes tells us about the deal.

  • When disaster strikes and you get the notice to evacuate your house, what will you take with you? Surely the family pet will be near the top of the list. But what happens when you get to a shelter with Fido in tow? And what happens to farm animals that can’t be moved so easily? Ryan Scholz is a veterinarian with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and he’s thought a lot about how individuals and counties can prepare for disasters with animals in mind.

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