Chuck Klosterman's new book is a short story collection called "Raised in Captivity."

Chuck Klosterman’s new book is a short story collection called “Raised in Captivity.”

Rich Fleischman



  • The federal government is buying up food that U.S. farmers are unable to find export markets for because of high tariffs. Some of that food is ending up at the Oregon Food Bank. Jeff Kleen, the public policy advocate for the Oregon Food Bank, explains what they’re doing with the extra food. And Sharon Thornberry, rural communities liaison for the Oregon Food Bank, tells us how they get food to people who need it in rural counties.



  • Pop culture critic and bestselling author Chuck Klosterman has a new collection of stories called “Raised in Captivity.” The Portland writer joins us to talk about the surreal vignettes he refers to as “fictional nonfiction.” Klosterman is reading at Powell’s on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 7:30 p.m.

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