Portland's Lent K-8 School runs a bilingual program in English and Spanish.

Portland’s Lent K-8 School runs a bilingual program in English and Spanish.

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  • The Eagle Creek Fire burned fast and hot through the normally damp forests of the Columbia River Gorge. Was this fire different from the fires we normally see in drier forests east of the Cascades? And how have forest management practices in the Gorge affected the character of this fire? Jerry Franklin, professor of Forest Ecosystems at the University of Washington, gives us some insight.
  • OPB’s new podcast follows a class of Oregon students set to graduate in 2025. This year, they’re starting fifth grade. Today’s episode considers how schools can best serve students whose parents speak a language other than English at home.
  • Amazon announced that they’re searching for a second global headquarters and The New York Times has picked a spot for them. Portland makes the list of top four, but Denver is the ultimate choice. We talk to Emily Badger, the reporter for The New York Times who made the choice.
  • Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned after The Seattle Times reported on sex abuse allegations by his cousin, Joseph Dyer. The latest allegations follow others by previous accusers that have stepped forward, including Murray’s foster son in an early 1980s case in Oregon. The Seattle Times reporter Lewis Kamb joins us to discuss the story.

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