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Former President Jimmy Carter Issues A Call To Action

President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

Sara Saunders

President Jimmy Carter turns 90 this year. He’s spent over a third of his life as a former president, but he’s not slowing down. He’s written 26 books since leaving the White House, and traveled all over the world with his organization, The Carter Center.

His new book, A Call To Action, addresses discrimination against women around the world. In it, he says religious extremism and cultures of violence are the root causes of the unequal treatment and abuse of women in both rich and poor countries. The issue hits home for Carter, who left his church — the Southern Baptist Convention — over its decision in 2000 not to allow women pastors, deacons, chaplains, or teachers in seminaries.

What questions do you have for the former president? What stands out to you from his presidency or his post-presidency?

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