City Hall in downtown Portland.

City Hall in downtown Portland.

Laura Klinkner/OPB

  • The City of Portland’s 2016 ordinance banning new fossil fuel infrastructure within city limits was struck down by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals in late July, and proponents are fighting back. The city has filed an appeal of the Land Use Board decision, which rendered the ordinance in violation of the United States Constitution’s commerce clause. Lewis and Clark law professor William Funk offers us his take on challenges faced by the city’s case.
  • RAND Corporation senior economist Kathleen Mullen joins us to talk about what she says is the first comprehensive survey of American workers. A similar survey of workers in Europe has been conducted regularly since the 1990s. We’ll hear how many workers report job satisfaction and advancement opportunities, and how many endure hostile working environments, schedule unpredictability and more. 
  • The Oregon Supreme Court recently decided to lower the score required for prospective lawyers to pass the state bar exam. Oregon’s “cut score” was previously the third highest in the nation and the change comes after strong advocacy by three law school deans, including Lewis and Clark Law School Dean Jennifer Johnson. Johnson joins us to discuss the change and what it means for aspiring Oregon lawyers.

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