Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks at a monthly press conference Oct. 12, 2018.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks at a monthly press conference Oct. 12, 2018.

Ericka Cruz Guevarra/OPB



  • Oregon doesn’t have enough placements for foster care children. So, the state is shipping some of the most vulnerable across state lines. And the number has jumped in recent years. OPB reporter Lauren Dake fills us in.



  • Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joins us to talk about Harbor of Hope, the new 100-bed shelter and services center being built in the Pearl District. The city and county call it a “navigation center,” and are touting it as “the most ambitious public-private partnership on homelessness yet.”



  • The high school graduation rate in Umatilla has been rising year over year and now stands at 84 percent, compared with 67 percent in 2014. We talk with the superintendent, Heidi Sipe, who has worked in the district for more than a decade and was honored as Oregon superintendent of the year in 2016. She joins us to tell us more about the structures and policies that have contributed to rising graduation rates, including how district’s teaching week is arranged, summer school and after school programs for students, and the individual student tracking that schools do to orient them to college and keep them from dropping out.



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