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Frashour Fired

Pete Springer/OPB

The latest deadly force scandal to come out of the Portland Police Bureau was the shooting death of Aaron Campbell in January of this year. Police Chief Mike Reese has just fired Officer Ron Frashour who fired the fatal shot. Reese also suspended three others involved: Officer Ryan Lewton and Sergeants Liani Reyna and John Birkinbine. Reese said in a statement on the Bureau website that he arrived at this decision with Mayor Sam Adams and that now that the disciplinary process has been completed, the Bureau is releasing a number of documents associated with the shooting. 

Campbell was 25 years old, a father of four, and was unarmed as he came out of a northeast Portland apartment building. Officers were originally called to the scene because Campbell was reportedly suicidal and armed. Although a grand jury did not indict the officers involved, the subsequent community protest led to an unprecedented release of hundreds of pages of grand jury testimony in the case. You can listen to Think Out Loud’s past shows about Portland Police here, and read more of OPB’s coverage of the Aaron Campbell case here.

Have you been following the Aaron Campbell case? Is this justice? What are the short term or long term implications of the chief’s actions? If you have been involved in protesting police actions — in Portland or elsewhere — are you satisfied with this result? If you’re involved in law enforcement, what message do you think the disciplinary actions send?


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