A Northern red-legged frog.

A Northern red-legged frog.

Courtesy of P. Stratis


  • Every year, hundreds of Northern red-legged frogs migrate from Forest Park to nearby wetlands to lay their eggs. After passersby noticed hundreds of frogs getting killed while crossing Highway 30, they put together a group of volunteers to apprehend the frogs and shuttle them to safety. Sue Beilke, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist, joins us to talk about this effort.

  • Oregon lawmakers recently closed the so-called “boyfriend loophole,” expanding the number of domestic abusers who are banned from owning a firearm. Nationwide, half of all female homicide victims are killed by intimate partners, and the weapon most commonly used is a gun. Multnomah County Sheriff’s Detective Kate Lazzini and Call To Safety Executive Director Fay Schuler tell us about how guns impact domestic violence response in Oregon.

  • The Trump administration warns that sanctuary policies make cities unsafe. OPB’s Conrad Wilson digs into the research, and tells us about an incident in Woodburn, which seems to illustrate something very different. We’re also joined by Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris.

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