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From the Conventions: Speeches and Veeps

Pete Springer/OPB

Looking back at the Dems in Denver and ahead to the GOP gathering from a Northwest perspective.

The Democratic tents are nearly down in Denver and the political swirl is focused as much on the apparently imminent GOP pick for vice president as it is on Senator Barack Obama’s speech at the closing of the Democratic convention.

On Friday, we’ll vet John McCain’s pick for vice-president from a Northwest perspective (presuming he’s announced by then; the show may broadcast late if he presents his VP choice Friday morning) and take a look back and ahead with regional issues and politicking in mind.

What did the Democrats gain from their week in the high-altitude sun? An Obama supporter from Reedsport was having the time of her life. A Hillary supporter from Vancouver made Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times. How about gains with the voters? Were you on the fence? Did anything you hear from the convention sway you one way or another?

What are the challenges facing Republicans at their convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul? Two leading local Republicans, Senator Gordon Smith and Washington gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi are skipping the GOP gathering. Smith’s opponent, Jeff Merkely, got two and a half minutes on the Democrats’ stage and a promise of financial support from New York Senator Charles Schumer, chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. How far west will presidential coattails reach?

What speeches at the Democratic convention inspired you or got your goat? What do you want to hear from John McCain next week?

And if there are subject you’d love to hear a show on as election season continues, please share your ideas here.


  • Jeff Mapes: Political Reporter for the Oregonian and Mapes on Politics
  • Nigel Jaquiss: News reporter for Willamette Week
  • Shirley Woods: Home business owner and first time Democratic delegate from Oregon
  • Harry Demarest: President of Astro Data Services, Democratic delegate from Corvallis
  • Elizabeth Hovde: Columnist for The Columbian

Photo credit: HoboElvis / Flickr / Creative Commons

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