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From the Conventions: The Parties From Afar

Pete Springer/OPB

How did the conventions play to Northwest voters who aren’t part of the major parties?

It’s been quite a two weeks for political junkies! Historic White House tickets for both the Democrats and the Republicans, plenty of speeches to celebrate or critique, whole new sets of political souvenirs and swag, plus protests and arrests.

But what if you’re not part of the majority parties? You’re in good company around the Pacific Northwest. If you’re an independent or support a third party, did you hear anything the past two weeks that brought you into the camp of either leading candidate? Would attention to any particular Northwest issues gain your vote? Will Northwest voters have any traction in the rest of the campaign?

It’s two months until the election. What is your overall reaction to the past two weeks? Are you ready for the next act?


  • Marc Lucca: Service station owner from Salem, delegate to the Republican National Convention and chairman of the Oregon Young Republicans
  • Gary Nelson: Editorial page editor for the Mail Tribune
  • Jackman Wilson: Editorial page editor for the Register-Guard
  • Melissa Mona: Public benefits paralegal and undecided voter
  • Dave Brownlow: Vice-chairman for the Oregon Constitution Party and Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate

Photo credit: thorinside / Flickr / Creative Commons

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