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Fruit Tree Project | New Multnomah County Sheriff | Coastal Labor Shortage

Russetted apples, like Russett potatoes, can have a rough, brown skin.

Russetted apples, like Russett potatoes, can have a rough, brown skin.

Vince Patton/OPB

  • Overwhelmed by plump plums, fabulous figs, awesome apples and querulous quince? The Portland Fruit Tree Project aims to help homeowners flagging under an excess of fruit, while also providing fresh fruit to the hungry.
  • Former Portland Police Chief Mike Reese was sworn in as Multnomah County Sheriff last week. He takes over from Dan Staton, who retired in controversy.
  • Small business owner and Oregon state representative David Gomberg joins us to talk about the shortage of labor for coastal businesses all over the state, what some of the factors are and about how he thinks lawmakers should be approaching the issues involved.
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