A mixed recycling container.

A mixed recycling container.

Allison Frost/OPB



  • Oregon isn’t inspecting funeral homes as often as it’s supposed to. And it can be hard for consumers to find information on how funeral homes and crematoriums are performing. Statesman Journal reporter Ben Botkin tells us about the lack of oversight in the funeral home industry. 



  • A new housing complex in Portland’s Kenton neighborhood is using an old idea to house low-income people. It’s using the model of single-room occupancy, or SRO — basically small rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms. George Devendorf, director of Transition Projects, tells us about what advocates are calling SRO 2.0.



  • China stopped accepting recyclable plastics from the U.S. last year. Now, Oregon Metro is partnering with private industry groups to try to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfills. We hear from Pam Peck, resource conservation and recycling manager at Metro, about the pilot project and what else the regional government is doing to address problems with plastic recycling.

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