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The Future of the Occupy Movement

Pete Springer/OPB

Portland Mayor Sam Adams sent an open letter to Occupy Portland this week stating his concern about the rising number of arrests and incidents of drug and alcohol use at the camps. After pointing out that the Occupy Bend movement has closed its camp, he said:

I believe Occupy Portland can lead the nation in figuring out what the next phase of the Occupy Movement looks like.

How do he and Occupy Portland plan to work together to move forward? Reports this week detailed the temporary removal of public portable toilets at the camp, and Occupy Portland’s consideration of whether to close its public kitchen. A recent poll showing more Americans have an unfavorable view of the Occupy Movement than a favorable one raises the quesiton of how the movement can keep up its momentum without spoiling some of the good will it has garnered so far.

We’ll also hear what effect the Occupy movement has had on the broader rhetoric in national politics.

What has your experience with Occupy Portland been? What should its next steps be? What tangible effects of the Occupy movement do you see?


  • Sam Adams: Mayor of Portland
  • Kathryn Kendall: Member of Occupy Portland‘s communications committee
  • Robert Reich: Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton
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