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General Petraeus on Iraq

What would you like to ask General Petraeus?The Senate Armed Services Committee meets tomorrow to receive testimony from General David Petraeus and Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, about the war in Iraq.

The Committee meets at 9:30 am in DC (6:30 am here on the West Coast) and OPB will bring you live coverage of the entire hearing. You?ll have a first hand opportunity to listen in as senators from across the country (including John McCain and Hillary Clinton) question the top American commander in Iraq. It’s likely to be a dramatic morning.

Here at Think Out Loud we?ll listen (and blog) intently. And if the Committee breaks for lunch when our show would typically be on air (between 9 and 10 am PST), we?ll join you live to discuss what we?ve heard.

In the meantime, let?s get the conversation started. What do you hope to come out of the war hearing? What do you want John McCain or Hillary Clinton to ask? If you could ask General Petraeus a question, what would it be?

(Note: In the afternoon Senator Barack Obama will question General Petraeus in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing.)

Photo credit: Associated Press
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