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George Fox Reinstates Football After A 46-Year Hiatus

The George Fox Bruins charge the field for their first game in 46 years.

The George Fox Bruins charge the field for their first game in 46 years.

Jeremy Lloyd/George Fox

This September, George Fox University welcomed the sights and sounds of college football back onto its campus for the first time in 46 years.

According to university president Robin Baker, the driving force behind the revival of George Fox football was a simple desire to see the good of the sport brought back to the campus and community. Baker acknowledges an added benefit of the football program: bringing more gender balance to campus.

Women have been in the majority on campus. The new Bruins football program recruited about 130 young men to the school. That’s a big influx for a university of approximately 2,200 undergraduate students. All of the team’s players will pay regular tuition – there are no football scholarships offered at George Fox.

The Bruins are one of seven new football teams for Division III schools this year, amidst a season of poor publicity for the sport. The seven new teams bring the total for NCAA football programs to 767 – an all time high.

Portland writer Ryan White has written about George Fox’s new football program for this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated. He’ll fill us in on the details.

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