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Getting Back to Work: Retraining

Pete Springer/OPB

When people in struggling industries like manufacturing and wood products jobs are laid off, they’re often eligible for job retraining. (They become, in federal parlance, “dislocated workers.”) The idea is to help workers transition from struggling industries into growth industries — like green jobs and health care.

But there are plenty of questions about whether jobs actually follow the retraining and about how well-calibrated job training and demand actually are. Some people have also questioned whether retraining programs focus too much on short-term employment and not enough on long-terms careers.

Have you taken a job retraining program? Did it lead to a job? When does retraining work — and when doesn’t it?

This is part of OPB’s Getting Back to Work series. You can find news pieces from the series as well as more coverage of the economy here.


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