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Getting Back to Work

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Like many other states, Oregon is struggling to come back from the recession. Oregon has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the nation. Nonetheless, many states have it worse, and many Oregonians who are out of a job are still hard at work — looking for work, retraining, and in some cases starting their own businesses. Our past shows took up Jobs and Identity, Entrepreneurship and Retraining. You can hear all the stories and Think Out Loud shows we aired last month here. On today’s show you’ll hear some of the highlights and favorite moments from the the series.

This show is being pre-recorded so we can’t take your calls or read your comments live on the air, but we’d love to read about your experience, especially if you missed some or all of our Getting Back to Work series when it aired last month. Have you changed jobs or been laid off? How did that affect your sense of who you are? Did you start your own business in this recession? Did you have to retrain for a job? What was that like? What kind of help would be most useful if you’re try to get back to work?

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