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Getting Mental Healthcare To Transition Age Youth

Pete Springer/OPB

After the mall shooting deaths of two people at Clackamas Town Center and the incomprehensible loss of 20 young children and seven adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, we’re looking into some of the potential ways to prevent such tragedies. We’ve discussed security in schools, mental health resources for parents and kids, and most recently, gun laws. On this show, we’ll find out what kind of mental health care is available to youth ages 16-25, also called “Transition Age Youth.”

That’s generally the age range of those who commit these kinds of unspeakable acts of violence. And it’s the age group that several years ago, the state found was 80 percent less likely (pdf) to get the mental health care they need compared with other age groups. 

Have you or your 16-25 year old child tried to get mental health services? What was your experience? If you’re in the mental health care field, are there barriers for getting youth and young people the help they need?

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