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Got Radioactive Milk?

Pete Springer/OPB

Radiation leaks from a nuclear power station in Japan after the recent earthquake and tsunami have left many questions and concerns here in the Northwest. Radioactive Iodine 131 has shown up in trace amounts in Northwest milk. Experts say these levels are 5,000 times below the level of concern. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of skepticism out there to go around. We’ll find out what’s really happening, and what risk people actually face.

We’ll also check in on the safety of the Columbia Generating Station near Richland, Washington — the nuclear power plant operated by Energy Northwest. And we’ll ask if those in charge of cleaning up the waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation have an eye toward disaster preparedness.

Has Japan’s crisis changed your opinion about nuclear power? Has it changed what you buy? Do you know how much radiation we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis? How much is safe? How is “safe” determined?

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OPB | Broadcast: April 5, 2011