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Grant High School Hazing Incident

Pete Springer/OPB

It’s been three weeks since an incident that some are calling hazing unfolded at Grant High School in northeast Portland. Principal Vivian Orlen told OPB’s Rob Manning that a total of six students were involved. Two were identified as victims and four others, she says, “took responsibility for their involvement.” Three of the perpetrators were suspended and later reinstated, while one was expelled for the remainder of the academic year. While full details of the incident have not been described in exact detail, it is the the sex crimes unit of the Portland Police Bureau that’s investigating what happened at the high school.

Principal Orlen says that since the incident other parents have shared experiences they say reflect a “culture of bullying and hazing.” When she asked why parents didn’t bring up concerns to light earlier, the parents said they were worried about “retaliation,” that they might somehow be making their child’s life worse by bringing up these issues. 

Some Grant students say the incident has been blown out of proportion, but others welcome the opportunity to talk about an issue they say has been going on for far too long.

How much do you know about hazing or bullying at your child’s school? Have you shared those concerns with other parents or with a school staff member? What’s your reaction to how Grant High School is handling what the principal calls “an altercation” there?

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