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The Growth of Gluten-Free

Pete Springer/OPB

One of the fastest growing segments of Bob’s Red Mill is its gluten-free products. Bob Moore, the founder and CEO, is quick to explain that the company isn’t just following current diet trends. He says ten years ago his company was not only making gluten-free products in separate facilities, they were also doing their own testing of their products. Locally, the trend is having a impact, and nationally it’s a very big deal — one food industry group estimates that gluten-free products are now a six billion dollar industry.

The rise of gluten-free products has also brought its share of detractors. They say most people who reach for gluten-free products have no medical or health need for them, and call it a craze without much staying power.

Are you “gluten-free”? Why? What questions do you have about the growth of the gluten-free market?


  • Wendy Cohan: Registered nurse; Celiac disease & gluten intolerance educator
  • Jason Etzel: Third year fellow at OHSU; entering gastroenterology field
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