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Guarding Against School Violence

A year after the Virginia Tech shooting what has changed on Oregon campuses?

Virginia Tech is back in the news as we mark the first anniversary of the shootings that left 33 people dead and as victims’ families settle their lawsuit against the state. So what changes did that incident lead to at schools here? A year later, Oregon universities are touting a new text message alert system that would send critical instructions to students in the event of a disaster, natural or otherwise. But are schools doing anything more?

High school and middle school students across the state have become accustomed to lockdown drills and patrols. For many of them, Oregon’s own shocking school shooting nearly ten years ago is a distant memory. Teachers and administrators are hyper aware of any threatening behavior among their students and say they have increased preventative measures.

Are you a student or a teacher? How has your school experience changed? Are you a parent? Have your concerns changed? Are you satisfied with the systems in place to detect kids at risk for violent behavior?


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