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Handguns on University Campuses

An Oregon court has ruled universities cannot prohibit students from carrying concealed handguns on campuses.

In 2009, Western Oregon University suspended a student for carrying a concealed handgun on campus, despite the fact that he had a permit. The Oregon Firearms Education Foundation (OFEF) then sued the Oregon Board of Higher Education over its ban on firearms. Last week, the Oregon Court of Appeals sided with the OFEF, saying the Oregon University System exceeded it authority by banning firearms. The court says only the state legislature has the authority to regulate use of firearms.

State law allows anyone with a permit to carry a concealed handgun in public buildings, which would include public university buildings. The law doesn’t extend to other types of guns or lethal weapons. The Oregon University System has said it will try to find some way to institute a ban, despite the court’s ruling.

Are you an Oregon public university student? Do you feel safer with or without a gun ban in place?


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