A Portland Police Bureau officer.

A Portland Police Bureau officer.

Michael Clapp/OPB

  • Portlanders discuss their reaction to the tragic shooting in Orlando over the weekend. Debra Porta is the sponsorship coordinator for Pride Northwest, the organization which puts on the annual Portland Waterfront LGBTQ Pride Festival. Eric Zimmerman helped organize the Sunday night vigil outside Embers in downtown Portland. There will be another vigil Thursday, June 16 at Q Center at 7pm.
  • OHSU’s Kerry Kuehl tells us about a study that got law enforcement officers to cut down on drinking and smoking and instead eat healthier and sleep more. Commander Erin Nolan of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office participated in the study and tells us what she learned.

  • For the last segment in our series on Portland’s Soviet Diaspora, we talk to Tatyana Sundvall, a woman who came to Oregon as a Russian mail-order bride.