The Portland International Airport is pictured Feb. 11, 2015, in Portland, Ore.

The Portland International Airport is pictured Feb. 11, 2015, in Portland, Ore.

Alan Sylvestre/OPB



  • Street Roots vendors are helping to get accurate information about COVID-19 to other homeless folks in Portland. Street Roots Executive Director Kaia Sand joins us, along with Tina Drake, a member of the new Street Roots Action Team.



  • Oregon are schools canceled until at least the end of the month to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now, parents all over the state are grappling with the question: What do we do with our kids? Janet Allison has worked with families and kids for more than 20 years, specializing in the special needs of active and rambunctious boys. She joins us to share her suggestions for how to talk about COVID-19 and at-home activities for kids.



  • The novel coronavirus is putting stress on the entire health care system, and mental health is no exception. Chris Bouneff, executive director of the Oregon chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) joins us to talk about how people are accessing mental health resources right now and what that could look like in the future.



  • Airport workers are some of the many people who don’t have the option to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak. People who clean airplane cabins and push people in wheelchairs are asking PDX for more affordable health benefits and better sick leave policies. Many of these workers are represented by SEIU Local 49. The union’s executive director, Maggie Long, joins us to talk about the Airport Workers’ Bill of Rights.

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