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What keeps you up at night?

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Katy Brooks was having a martini with a friend last January and the discussion turned to politics and polling. Katy was frustrated by polls claiming to know what was important to Americans. Many people would continue complaining and just order another martini. Katy decided to act.

She has a full-time job and a family to care for, but in her free time this trained facilitator decided to host parties that she calls “Home Spun.” She gathers people of all political bents together in coffee shops and living rooms and asks them three big questions. After the discussion she sends the information she gathered to politicians and political candidates. So far all she has received from the candidates in return is thank you emails asking for her to send to money.

Katy’s Home Spun parties are taking off. People who attend one, often head off to host their own. So on Monday we’re going to go “Home Spun” right here on Think Out Loud. We’re asking you the three questions that Katy asks here participants:

1. If you had twenty minutes with a presidential candidate, what would you talk to him about?

2. What keeps you up at night?

3. What works well in your community that could be a model for a national program?

Join the party online right now with your answers to these questions… or, if you are a politician or work in a political office — tell us what would it take for you to pay attention to “Home Spun” emails.


Katy Brooks: professional facilitator and the founder of Home Spun

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