Paige McKenzie as Sunshine Girl in her film "THR33 - A Haunted House."

Paige McKenzie as Sunshine Girl in her film “THR33 - A Haunted House.”


  • The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis finds that housing recovery in Oregon is still not complete when compared to the 1980s and 90s, which economist Josh Lehner says is due to a lag in construction of new homes and units. But, he says housing affordability is already beginning to level out nonetheless.
  • Nico Larco with the University of Oregon’s Urbanism Next project tells us about how technologies like e-commerce and self-driving cars will dramatically transform the structure of our cities, and the astounding and lack of research that’s been done to predict and respond to these changes.
  • Oregonian Paige McKenzie started a YouTube channel when she was 16 featuring a horror story about a girl named Sunshine. Her third book is being published this month and she has already signed a movie deal.

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