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How Do Portland Police Address Human Trafficking?

Portland police car.

Portland police car.

Squid Vicious/Flickr

On Friday’s show, Former President Jimmy Carter said that police are often complicit with prostitution.

“I would imagine that in Portland, Oregon, you have whorehouses or places of prostitution … you can’t have a brothel active in the community unless the officials know about it … the policemen who walk the beat up and down that street they see men going in and out to have their sexual desires satisfied for a price  and they either get bribed or they get free sexual favors by the prostitutes themselves or they have orders from the chief of police or the higher officials let’s don’t disturb this situation.”

Is that true? Does Portland have active brothels, and are police complicit in their continued existence? Portland Police Bureau Spokesman Pete Simpson refutes Carter’s remarks and says Portland ranks top in the country for addressing the issue of prostitution and human trafficking. We’ll hear more from Commander George Burke.

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