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How We Vote

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What do you think of Oregon’s Vote By Mail system?

Looking across the country right now at all the people who are choosing to vote early (like in Florida, Washington, and Texas), one might think they want to be just like us in Oregon. Vote-by-mail became the reality here when Ballot Measure 60 passed in 1998. Ballots are mailed out in the middle of October and you have until 8 pm on November 4th to mail them back to your county elections office or turn them in at one of the many drop sites across the state.

How do you feel about voting day not necessarily coinciding with election day? Do you yearn for the voting booth days of yore? Do you like being able to sit around your kitchen table with your friends or family, filling out your ballot? What do you think about Oregon’s system — and what would you counsel other states who might be looking to us as an example?


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