A strip of cellophane sticks out from the sand on Cannon Beach. 

A strip of cellophane sticks out from the sand on Cannon Beach. 

Miranda Daviduk/OPB



  • As Portland’s population grows, bringing with it more cars, more traffic, and more greenhouse gas emissions, what’s the future of the biggest interstate that cuts through the heart of the city? This summer, we’re having a series of conversations about Interstate 5. We’ll hear from policy-makers, activists, and community members. On this installment, we hear from Mike Alexander, a board member for the nonprofit Albina Vision Trust and former president and CEO of the Urban League of Portland.



  • Portland is considering a change to city code that would remove most references to neighborhood associations. Those groups fear this would diminish their voices. But the city’s Office of Community and Civic Life says the change would simply give voice to all Portlanders. We hear from Suk Rhee, director of the Office of Community and Civic Life, and Katy Wolf, who is on the board of the Boise Neighborhood Association.



  • Mike Selberg’s Cannon Beach Distillery has flourished since opening in 2012, garnering dozens of awards for his craft liquors. Despite this, he is preparing to sell or close the distillery this year. He says Oregon’s liquor laws put local businesses at a disadvantage.

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