Oregon State University - Cascades' HERS Lab is studying previously unknown pika habitats in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon State University - Cascades’ HERS Lab is studying previously unknown pika habitats in the Pacific Northwest.

Courtesy of Oregon State University - Cascades

  • Idaho is sandwiched between states that have legalized recreational and medical cannibis, but it doesn’t appear likely that anything similar will happen in the Gem state. Idaho’s U.S. Attorney, Bart Davis, tells us how Oregon’s marijuana industry has affected his state.
  • Two Balloons,” a new short, stop-motion animated film featured in the Portland International Film Festival, is directed by Portlander Mark Smith. Smith says the film couldn’t have been made anywhere but Portland, where the local stop-motion community helped him execute his vision as a new director, and local musicians created the score.
  • The principal of South Eugene High School, home of “The Axemen,” recently announced that the formerly gendered team name of the school will be changed to “The Axe.” The switch was the result of efforts by freshman Julia Scher, who wants to make the school a more inclusive environment for all students.
  • The Human & Ecosystem Resiliency & Sustainability (HERS) Lab at OSU Cascades is studying how species adapt to changing landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. That effort includes pikas, creatures thought to be particularly at risk from climate change. Pikas are now popping up in unlikely habitats: crevices in lava flows. The lab’s director, Matt Shinderman, joins us to talk about the lab’s pika research and more.

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